Embracing Modern Technology…

technologyAs we all know, today’s technology has changed many aspects of our daily lives. Modern pest control offers more and more opportunities to utilize that technology as well. While some may take the attitude that “the old ways work just fine”, at Shoreline Services we are constantly looking for new ways to offer better service. In keeping with our company philosophy, “just fine” is just not good enough.
Some of our more recent investments in technology include:

  • Portable electronic recording of pest control device services that vastly reduces the potential for human error in reporting and that our Clients can access on-line. Expanded record retention is also a part of this technology.
  • Infrared thermal imaging devices to inspect for rodent and insect nest heat signatures in void or unlit areas
  • Miniature video probe cameras to inspect small openings or harborage areas
  • Special hand-held, high intensity lights and spectrum frequency filtering lenses, normally used in crime scene investigations. Used to illuminate bedbug eggs, rodent urine and blood
  • Ultraviolet analyzers to ensure proper placement and function of insect light traps in bright areas
  • Cloud-based communication system allows transfer of incoming phone calls, emails, voicemails and text documents to Technicians in the field as well as maintaining a secure, paperless communication log

These investments are much more than fun toys to use in the field. Each one allows us to serve our Clients better. We think they deserve it.

(Image © Jefrey Budd/Shoreline Services)