Going Green

Environmental Responsibility Practices… Less Is More

One might assume that a pest control company would have difficulty getting on the “Green” bandwagon, what with all that pesticide usage, etc. But in the case of Shoreline Services, it’s exactly the opposite. In fact, this new surge in environmental responsibility has been Shoreline’s standard operating procedure since 1990! While some pest control companies concentrate on merely spraying for pests, Shoreline Services strictly practices Integrated Pest Management, taking great care to minimize risks to the environment.

We believe the days of thoughtless “spray & go” tactics are long gone. Taking care to consider all aspects of the immediate environment before selecting a control method is paramount. While it might be easier to rely on a sprayer full of broad-spectrum pesticide, we analyze each situation to determine what control method would impact non-target species the least while still taking care of our Clients’ needs. Even in today’s environmentally-conscious times, highly toxic materials are still readily available and are used by many well-known pest control companies; materials that will kill the target pest along with many other species that may come across the applied material for months to come. Butterflies, for example, are very susceptible to pesticides, as are Hummingbirds, Praying Mantis and Honey Bees, just to name a few beneficial and popular creatures. On the other hand, a carefully selected bait material that’s designed to attract only the target pest will satisfy our Clients’ needs while still allowing us to remain as “Green” as possible. These practices have become part of some of our Clients’ published Standard Operating Procedures and are approved by food plant auditing agencies.

Our Wildlife Control Division is supervised by Stacy VanDine, one of the most experienced control experts in West Michigan. An avid animal lover herself, Stacy first makes certain a nuisance animal must be trapped, which may place the animal in an unfortunate circumstance. Preventive measures such as creating uninviting conditions are always evaluated. Every effort is made to have protected and domestic animals released to the proper authorities, in an appropriate wildlife area or placed with a responsible family.

In addition to responsible control methods, Shoreline Services is always pursuing ways to help our environment as a whole. Current measures include:

  •  Current service vehicles are being rotated to Alternative Fuel Vehicles when possible
  •  Service routes and plans have been consolidated to reduce fuel usage and wasted trips
  •  Recycling efforts for articles that are safe to re-use